Dr. Chamberlain Froese a Canadian Woman Leader in Global Health

Late in 2018, The Canadian Society for International Health published their inaugural list of Canadian Women Leaders in Global Health (#CWIGH).


Save the Mothers is pleased to congratulate our founding director Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese, named to this list for her significant contributions to global health.


The impetus for the creation of the award was to celebrate the vital role women play in global health, which often goes unacknowledged and contributes to the under-representation of women in key leadership roles. “Women make up the majority of the health workforce and yet remain under-represented in leadership and decision-making positions. This gender gap overlooks women’s expertise and talents and compromises the knowledge and policy base for advancing health and equity globally. The need to improve the visibility and recognition of women in global health is clear, and with Canada’s international reputation for advancing health and equity, it is important that
the diversity of women leaders be recognized and amplified,” states


The Canadian Society for International Health named Dr. Chamberlain Froese to this inaugural list for her incredible work through Save the Mothers to help reduce maternal mortality due to pregnancy and childbirth, in partnership with local leaders and authorities in Uganda and for her extensive contributions to global health in other regions of the world. Dr. Chamberlain Froese is no stranger to national awards, having been named a member of the Order of Canada in 2014.


See the 2018 list of Canadian Women Leaders in  Global Health here: http://www.csih.org/en/resources/canadian-women-global-health

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