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In the fall of 2022, the second university chapter of Save the Mothers was kickstarted at McMaster University! The McMaster chapter of Save the Mothers is devoted to two specific goals:

1. Raising awareness about current issues in maternal health, while educating the public about the initiatives of Save the Mothers.

2. Collecting donations to further support Save the Mothers.

How did this chapter start?

Umairah Boodoo_McMaster

—Umairah Boodoo

The McMaster Chapter of Save The Mothers was founded by Umairah Boodoo, third year medical student at McMaster University. She is passionate about global health and global surgery, and when searching for opportunities to work in the field, she came across Save The Mothers and was inspired by the incredible work of the Queen's Chapter.


The McMaster Chapter has 6 Executive Team Members: Umairah Boodoo (Founder & President), Eden Manly (Vice-President), Nadia Huytan-Marushcak (Partnerships & Outreach Director), Gloria Kim (Research & Education Co-Director), Anne-Sophie Fortier (Research & Education Co-Director), and Jannath Chhokar (Social Media Director). Together, they hope to use their platforms to spread knowledge about maternal morbidity and mortality in a variety of ways.

What exciting things are planned for this year?

The chapter is gearing up for the upcoming school year with plans for events and a variety of fundraisers! You can follow their work on their Instagram page and Facebook page.

Students helping students: When you support the McMaster Save the Mothers chapter events – your donations will help more East African professionals enrol in Save the Mothers’ Master's of Public Health Leadership program. Already more than 400 professionals have graduated and are making a difference through their spheres of influence.


Support Save The Mothers through the McMaster University Chapter

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