Master in Public Health Leadership

Save the Mothers is an international organization that equips professionals in developing countries (who come from a wide array of disciplines) to improve the health of mothers and babies. Through their specific vocations, graduates of our Master in Public Health Leadership program become influencers for positive societal change, working to overcome preventable maternal death.

Save the Mothers is not about foreign doctors, consultants or instructors parachuting into East Africa to tell people what to do; it is about partnering with local professionals there, empowering them to spur their fellow citizens on to improve East African lives. Since 2005, STM has trained more than 400 East African leaders, who in turn, kindle cultural and political change. Many of our graduates go on to volunteer as advisors, working in teams with local maternity hospitals – as part of our Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative – to improve quality and standards of care for women and their newborns in health care facilities throughout East Africa.

Dr. Eve

In sub-Saharan Africa, having a baby is one of the riskiest things many women will do. 800 women die in childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications every day. 3 million babies die in the first week of life; sadly, many die because of poor care of their mother.

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