Queen's University Chapter



March 26th

4 PM (weather permitting)


We will start from the ARC [top X]

and make our way through City Park,

down the MacDonald Park,

through break water Park ending off at the Pier.


March Walk map


In the spring of 2021, the first university chapter of Save the Mothers was kickstarted at Queen’s University! The Queen’s chapter of Save the Mothers is devoted to two specific goals:

1. Raising awareness about current issues in maternal health, while educating the public about the initiatives of Save the Mothers.

2. Collecting donations to further support Save the Mothers.

How did this chapter start?

The Queen’s Chapter of Save the Mothers was founded by Ainsley Johnstone, a 3rd year health sciences student at Queen’s University. She is extremely passionate about maternal health and is currently studying in hopes to become an OB/GYN who works in rural or developing areas.

Ainsley began to recruit other students to help with the chapter, and eventually established a team of 15 dedicated and passionate executive members. Once the school year starts, she is hoping to recruit more student volunteers to help lead events around campus!


"I am a strong believer in the sustainable approach that Save the Mothers takes. People often ask me why I started this chapter, and that is because I want to ensure sustainability is reflected in my own approach. This chapter can continue to exist for many years as new students take on new roles within it, ensuring that Save the Mothers has a constant stream of support.”

—Ainsley Johnstone

What exciting things are planned for this year?

The chapter is gearing up for the upcoming school year with plans for events, including a workshop, trivia night, coffee house, maternity clothing drive, conference, and a variety of fundraisers! If you are interested, follow the Queen’s chapter’s Instagram and Facebook page to stay up to date.

Students helping students: When you support the Queen’s STM chapter events – your donations will help more East African professionals enrol in Save the Mothers’ Master of Public Health Leadership program. Already more than 400 professionals have graduated and are making a difference through their spheres of influence.


Support Save The Mothers through the Queen’s University Chapter

Queen's Book Purchase

Support mothers in need by purchasing Where Have All the Mothers Gone for $19.99 and get the Game Changers book for free! After ordering, please call or text (289) 439-1309. to arrange pickup at Bracken Health Sciences Library or at 253 MacDonnell St.
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