Group from The Peoples Church Toronto visit Uganda

Snapshot of a group visit

Visitors from The People’s Church Toronto joined the Save the Mothers Team, on a visit to Masters of Public Health Leadership Grad Ivan Tibenkana in Budondo Sub-county, to speak about his leadership in the community and advocacy for safe motherhood.

A group of five women from People’s Church Canada visited Save the Mothers East Africa last month. During their time here, they joined the Save the Mothers Team on a variety of field visits, allowing them to witness graduates of our Master of Public Health Leadership program in their places of work, and to see firsthand how those grads are working for improvements in maternal health.

We visited Nakaseke Hospital – one of the 10 Mother Baby Friendly Hospitals – to see the newly-implemented High Dependency Unit, and to speak to Dr. David Semkula, the Hospital Administrator, about the challenges staff there face on a daily basis, and of his vision for the community.

From there we returned to Uganda Christian University, home of the Save the Mothers program, where guests checked into their guesthouse, and set off in search of the neighbourhood monkeys. We found many on campus and enjoyed their playfulness before heading to Dr. Miriam’s at the Save the Mothers house for dinner.

The following day we set off to Jinja District and Budondo Sub-county to visit Ivan Tibenkana at his school. Ivan spoke about how he was inspired to join the Masters of Public Health Leadership Program, and how his work since has been driven by what he learned in the course.

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