Mother and baby elephant

Come and see

A mother and baby elephant out for a stroll at Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda.


There’s nothing quite like the experience of seeing something for yourself. Firsthand. With your own eyes.

You can hear about the fact that Save the Mothers is raising up local leaders to become Game Changers within their own cultures and contexts. You can read about the fact that they are bringing about the systemic changes needed to save the lives of mothers and their babies. You can see photos and videos.

But when you actually see evidence for the cultural transformation that is starting – slowly – to occur throughout East Africa with your own eyes, that’s when it all becomes real. And powerful. And motivating.

You want to spread the word. You want to tell others what you’ve seen for yourself. You want to step up your own game, and do more to support those who are changing the game for our world’s most vulnerable citizens.

If you’ve ever supported Save the Mothers in the past, this is your invitation to come and see. Come to Uganda and see for yourself: our work, our students, our graduates, and the girls and women whose lives are being impacted by the Save the Mothers solution.

Save the Mothers is planning a “vision trip” for February, 2017. We’d love for you to be a part of it: to come. And to see.

Learn all the details right here.



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