Small changes in hospitals create a big impact

Everybody deserves “to get the best care in their most vulnerable moments.”

This video features Dr. Eve Nakabembe, Director of the Save the Mothers Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. She discusses some of the harsh realities women and health workers face in East African maternity hospitals. Lack of clean, running water. Lack of access to necessary medicines and medical equipment.

Women die needlessly

It all adds up to women dying, needlessly, when they give birth. Even when they give birth in medical facilities staffed with skilled health workers to help them.

The World Health Organization estimates that today, some 300,000 women continue to die each year around the world of causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Ninety-nine percent of these deaths occur in the developing world.

The Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative is helping to improve standards and quality of care in East African hospitals.



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