Save the Mothers Walk

Delivering Change

One man pushed his mother in her wheelchair along the route of the Dundas, Ontario “Steps to Deliver Change” Walk in support of Save the Mothers.

Hundreds of people in 15 communities across Canada and the United States took “Steps to Deliver Change” on behalf of Save the Mothers this past weekend.

It was a beautiful morning in Dundas, Ontario—the community in which I walked. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and spring bulbs were blooming, creating a festive atmosphere.

Organizing committee members and other volunteers arrived at the park early and busied themselves hanging signs, laying out snacks and drinks (rewards for participants after the Walk) and unloading cartons of promotional products—from T-shirts to water bottles. But soon, the walkers began to appear, men, women and children of all ages.

Some ran the five kilometre route. Some zoomed the distance on roller blades. Others carried watermelons or water-filled jerry cans to simulate the experience of East African women who must walk long distances to obtain medical help, carrying their own medical supplies for the delivery—including clean water!

One man pushed his mother in her wheelchair along the route. A pink, Mylar, heart-shaped balloon tied to one of the handles of her chair hinted at his motivation for joining the walk, and proclaimed his affection for his mom as it fluttered in the breeze. “Love you mom,” it said.

The walkers’ reasons for participating were no doubt as unique as they themselves are. As a mother of three young adults I sought sponsors and walked because I know I am fortunate to live in a time and place when good medical care and resources were at hand to help me bring each of my children into the world. I’ve been to East Africa and seen the inequities firsthand. I know that women are dying preventable deaths during pregnancy and childbirth every day. I believe our world can do better. If each one of us contributes to the cause in some small way, if we will only care enough to do so, we can bring about an end to the ongoing injustice of maternal mortality.

If you missed out on walking this year, consider making a donation today. And plan now to join us next year.

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