Fortunate Kagumaho

Fortunate Kagumaho works with Save the Mothers in Uganda as communications intern. He has a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and is pursuing a Masters degree in Child Development.

When Culture Kills

A second-year student in the Save the Mothers program, Festo Kagoma has, like most East Africans, known the tragedy of maternal death. He knew it early; as the fourth child in a family of six, Festo was named for an older brother who died of umbilical cord tetanus within days of delivery. Born and raised

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Festo Kagoma

Meet Save The Mothers Student Dr. Tonny Kapsandui

Save the Mothers second year student, Dr. Tonny Kapsandui. (Photo by Fortunate Kagumaho) “I have always been interested in making a difference in the lives of mothers and their children—in Uganda and beyond,” says Tonny Kapsandui, 38. A medical doctor, Tonny knows that more than 6,000 Ugandan mothers die from preventable pregnancy complications each year.

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Dr. Tonny
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