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The importance of communication for maternal health

By on Jan 16, 2015

Kawolo hospital staff with phone

Imagine being young, pregnant and having concerns about your pregnancy, but no one to turn to with your questions. That’s the situation of countless girls and women in Uganda.

To address this need, Save the Mothers’ Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative – with funding from Grand Challenges Canada – recently introduced toll free telephone “help” lines. The lines connect to medical professionals at local health facilities, so expectant mothers can access free advice.

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Mother Baby Friendly Hospital cares for youngest mother yet

By on Jan 02, 2015

A visit with a Traditional Birth Attendant

By on Dec 19, 2014

Save the Mothers' Ugandan Class hits the road

By on Dec 05, 2014

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January 24, 2015

Save the Mothers is looking for
2015/16 academic year

Save the Mothers is a global leader in reducing the numbers of mothers dying in childbirth. The program offers a Master of Public Health Leadership degree in Maternal Health that is currently administered by Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda.