Walk to Save a Mother

This May you can be an advocate for change in your community.

Why We Walk

Every day over 800 women die of pregnancy and childbirth related complications and over half of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Even more shocking is the fact that almost all maternal mortalities can be prevented if births are attended by skilled attendants, which include doctors, nurses and/or midwives. However, social norms often prevent women from seeking skilled care.

These social norms can be grouped into three delays that lead to untimely care:

1. the delay in decision making,

2. the delay in travel to the nearest health centre and;

3. the delay in receiving adequate care once arriving at the health centre.

Delays in care can and do lead to deaths. The death of a mother not only impacts her unborn child, but it also impacts her family and the other children she may be leaving behind who rely on her to care for them. Many of these children are often left orphaned.

By saving the life of a mother you are giving her family a better opportunity for an improved quality of life.




(Kids 12 and under are FREE!)

Why Host a Walk?

By organizing a walk you are helping to bring awareness to the issue of maternal mortality. Additionally, fundraising helps to bring about sustainable change for thousands of mothers in East Africa through Save the Mothers’ initiatives. There are also many other great benefits to hosting a walk:

• It is a great way to engage the community.
• Hosting a walk gives the community a chance to be active.
• It is a thoughtful way to give thanks to mothers.
• Organizing a walk can be easy to do and so rewarding.
• We give you the opportunity to organize a walk that fits your schedule and ability as a
• We will give you tools to help make the event a success.

Contact us to get started! We will be happy to provide you with more resources.

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Who Benefits?

Donations from the walks go towards various programs within STM.

One program is the Masters of Public Health Leadership Program. The program enables many students to learn the skills necessary to go out into their communities and bring about lasting change.

Another initiative that can be funded through donations is the Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. After a needs assessment, a hospital can become one of our Mother Baby Friendly Hospitals, which equips it with the materials and protocols to help prevent maternal mortalities and give mothers more dignified birthing experiences.

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