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The latest book from Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese

The Game Changers

A long awaited follow-up to Where Have All The Mothers Gone?The Game Changers provides a glimpse of the transformation taking place in the lives of individuals and in communities across East Africa, thanks to the Save the Mothers program.

The Game Changers was honoured at The Word Awards 2017, where it picked up the Debra Fieguth Award (for social justice writing) and the award for best book in the Culture category.

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All net proceeds from the sale of this book go to Save the Mothers.

What Others are Saying

“Talk about game changers! This book is a game changer. Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese is a game changer! This book introduces us to the stories of many more people who have become game changers because of Dr. Chamberlain Froese’s passion and complete dedication to the women of Uganda.”

—Douglas H. Kirkpatrick,, MD, FACOG, Past President, American College Obstetricians and Gynecologists

“For all our progress in human development, a searing indictment remains, and that is our collective failure to address the unremarked, undiagnosed and unforgiving death of a thousand women a day giving birth. In this important and compelling book, Canadian doctor Jean Chamberlain Froese examines the causes of that quiet scourge, from her experience on the front lines in East Africa. She and co-author Patricia Paddey find some of the heroes who have helped combat the ancient and easily preventable causes of maternal mortality. They help us see that the very human delays — in the home, in the hospital, in the hallways of power — are causes we can all help address. And in the most hopeful way, this book helps us see how.”

—John Stackhouse, Former editor-in-chief, The Globe and Mail; recipient Amnesty International Award for human rights reporting; author, Out of Poverty; Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

“The real life stories contained within The Game Changers raise awareness and challenge us to respond to the over 300,000 women who die every year in childbirth. Co-author Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese began Save the Mothers to address this issue in East Africa, and spearheads local community response in leadership and education. I urge your support of this worthy organization and know you will be moved to action reading The Game Changers.

—The Honorable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 2007-2014

“Through a series of vivid personal stories the authors take us inside one of the most inspiring accounts of compassion, resilience and determination on the frontlines of humanitarian struggle that I’ve read about in years. We follow the efforts of Canadian Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese and the Save the Mothers organization to work with hundreds of local organizers in Uganda and across East Africa to confront staggeringly high death rates among mothers and the newborn. Inspired by a strong sense of personal faith this is the hope-filled search for grassroots change needed to overcome an ongoing health crisis among the most vulnerable that is too often ignored by media.”

—Brian Stewart, Broadcast journalist; former CBC-TV senior foreign correspondent; Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

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