Why? Because their deaths were preventable.

At this time of year when we focus on family & giving, you can prevent another mother and her child from dying.

Rose & Issac's Story


John had lost his wife, Rose, three weeks after the birth of their baby boy, Isaac. John explained that Rose delivered Isaac at home with no medical care. Though her delivery seemed to have gone well, within 48 hours Rose began suffering from post-natal related complications that ultimately led to her passing. John cared for Issac with cow’s milk and porridge with help from family. Sadly, Isaac too became ill and just a few weeks later passed away.

Rose’s death was tragic. Issac’s death was heartbreaking.

If this young family had access to even basic maternal care, their story may not have ended so tragically.

Rose & Issac’s deaths were preventable.

John Watuwa with baby Isaac
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